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How to Submit your Claim

To submit your claim for the Travel Protection Plan, please follow Chubb's procedure below:

  1. Please submit your claim directly to the underwriter Chubb Insurance Hong Kong Limited within thirty days of the event taking place.
  2. You can use the self-service Chubb Claim Centre website at www.chubbclaims.com.hk. Please quote your 1O1O / csl mobile number and the policy no. NACHKT10001 when you submit the claim.
  3. Complete ALL relevant sections & questions of the Chubb Claim Centre that relate to your claim in full. Missing out details will usually result in Chubb needing to contact you for clarification and delay the assessment of your claim.
  4. Ensure that you collate and attach to your claim form ALL the required supporting documents that relate to your claim. Failing to provide the required supporting documentation will usually result in Chubb needing to contact you for clarification and delay the assessment of your claim.
  5. For prompt assessment of your claim, submit your claim form and supporting documentation by using the Chubb Claim Centre. Alternatively you can submit your claim by email to A&HClaims.HK@chubb.com.
  6. Once submitted you should expect to receive Chubb's confirmation of your claim with claim number and token number by email and/or SMS.
  7. You can check your claim status conveniently by entering the claim number and token number in Chubb Claim Centre.

For further questions on your Claims, please call Chubb Customer Service at: (852) 3191 6222 (Mon-Fri: 9am to 5:30pm only)

Required documents to submit in support of your claim:

These are the general required documents for claims. Chubb reserves the right to request the Insured Person to provide any other information or documents which are not specified in below, if necessary.

In addition to the above, the following additional supporting documents are required based on the type of claim you are submitting:

Personal Accident Cover
  • Medical report or certificate issued by a Physician certifying the degree or severity of disability;
  • Police report, where relevant.
Accidental Death
  • Death certificate;
  • Coroner’s report;
  • Police report, where relevant;
  • In the event of a disappearance, presumption of death as proclaimed by court.
Medical Expenses
  • Diagnosis and treatment, including patient name and date of diagnosis, certified by a Physician;
  • Original Hospital bill/receipt with itemized list issued by a Hospital;
  • Original receipt for purchase of medical equipment.